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TechEx North America 2024 Preview

7,000 attendees are expected to descend a Santa Clara Convention Center in June, for the annual TechEx North America show, the world’s largest co-located technology event.

With the show surpassing growth yearly, TechEx has expanded it’s co-located events to include Intelligent Automation and Unified Communications, alongside its ever popular expos: IoT, AI & Big Data, Cyber Security & Cloud, Edge Computing, and Digital Transformation. The event promises to showcase technology innovations for 2024 and beyond.

Main discussion points attendees will be keen to hear this year are the imminent advances of Gen AI, and the rise of emerging technologies to advance digital transformation.

Here are a few presentations and technologies to watch at this year’s event:


5th June – Gen AI & Data Science Conference Stage at 11:00am

The Next Decade of Gen AI Progress – A Look at What’s Coming and How to Prepare.

Devavrat Shah, Co-founder and CTO of Ikigai Labs will be discussing the imminent advancements in Gen AI that will define the next decade. Delving into the convergence of machine learning, natural language processing, and neural architectures, Devavrat Shah will provide strategic insights into the future of Gen AI, with a focus on its impact across several sectors.


6th June – Intelligent IoT Solutions, Applications & Smart Cities Conference Stage at 2:00pm

Castrol Smart Monitor – IoT Innovation for Industrial and Marine Customers

Noorddin Taj, Head of Architecture and Design of Intelligent Operations at BP will be exploring used oil analysis’s, issues that they can entail, and the solution. Diving into a real-life customer success story, attendees will obtain insight into what the future looks like for this solution.


5th June – Advanced Security Conference Stage at 1:00pm

Keynote Presentation: Securing Tomorrow: Mastering the Future of Cybersecurity

Alissa “Dr Jay” Abdullah, Deputy Chief Security Officer at Mastercard will be diving into cutting-edge advancements, emerging threats, and strategic insights which are shaping the future of cybersecurity. Exploring proactive measures and innovative approaches that empower organizations to stay resilient in the dynamic landscape of digital security. Join Alissa Abdullah for a forward-looking exploration of cybersecurity excellence.

Digital Transformation

5th June – Digital Transformation In Action Conference Stage at 11:45am

Panel Discussion: The evolution of emerging technologies to advance digital transformation

Join panellists YuYu Wang, Senior Manager, Global Strategy of eBay, Dmitry Volchegursky, Head of Enterprise Architecture at Roche, Michelle Clark, AVP Enterprise Systems, at Union Pacific, Geeta Pyne, Chief Architect, at TIAA, and Sunzay Passari, Sr Director & Head – Digital Innovation at UPS, to discuss Which emerging technologies are disrupting the digital transformation journey, and how can we best integrate such technologies into all aspects of business operations.

For more information, and to register for your ticket to attend TechEx North America 2024, head over to our North America page here.